How It Works

When you sign up for Kristine’s  Essential Real Estate Package, she’ll send you a simple one page contract that outlines what she will do for you, the rate plan, etc. This includes a confidentiality agreement as no information is ever shared. Once the signed contract and your payment (invoices are sent via email), the creation begins! Along with sending in your contract and payment, logins to your social media networks will be needed. If you don’t have certain social media networks, don’t worry, Kristine will create & integrate them for you. From there on out you can simply click the “follow” button on your WordPress site in order to receive an email containing all the updates. You will be able to view your site and see postings anytime you wish. You may also see them on your social media networks. 

Kristine receives so many questions from agents asking her how her real estate package works. She decided to share some points of interest with you. If you don’t see your question(s) answered here, please feel free to email her. She will continue to post Q & A’s as needed below.

  • How do I track your work?  You will be able to access & view your WordPress site stats and see postings anytime you wish. You can also see them on your social media networks. I will also be creating a Klout account for you, that measures your online influence.
  • Do I need to provide any blog content?  Only if you wish to post something you’ve personally written, or share an article you’ve come across. I provide the postings. Updates that I must know about as soon as possible would be if you have: a new listing, a new sale, price change or open house – these make for great announcements.
  • What if I cancel services?  (Excerpt from contract) If you ever choose to cancel, a thirty (30) day notice in writing (email is acceptable), must be given should either party need to resign upon the renewal date this applies to any and all contracts regardless of chosen rate plan. During those 30 days, the non-refundable final payment is due for the final month of service. Work will be completed and any notes will be provided if need be, including logins and passwords to maintain website, social media networks, etc. If you should cancel services or terminate contract before or without 30 days notice, there will be a non-refundable balance due within 3 days (equal to half the final month amount due).
  • How can I get all my contacts to follow me? No problem. Simply send me a CSV export, and I can then upload or import and invite them all to your blog & social media networks.