Compare Services

Agents can go and sign up with any real estate web design company and pay a ton of money (typically anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000) up front, then have maintenance fees, monthly fees, services fees, etc… or …they could have their own knowledgeable marketing specialist that has a low rate plans to handle their website, blog and social media. The package I created is based on all the research I continue to do over the years, along with having in-depth conversations with agents about what they need, and what the most efficient (and beneficial) components are in terms of must-haves on real estate websites/blogs.

I believe in consistency.  Postings to your WordPress site is essential in keeping up your presence in the online communities. That includes tags on not just the posts themselves, but also on the images within them. This is a must-do, as the majority of sellers, buyers and renters turn the internet before anywhere else.

Many agents know they need some kind of online existence. They see what their brokerage offers for site services, single property services, and they see what those other real estate web design companies offer. But what you may not realize is you could have it for a fraction of the price. All my clients have kept their “free” brokerage site, which I’ve linked to their WordPress site/blog. This creates a nice union of the two: incorporating a brand for yourself while being connected to your brokerage. Plus it makes it easier if/when you switch brokerages or go out on your own.

I’ve had a client on the Hawaiian Islands that paid over $3,000 (plus monthly fees) for their website that doesn’t get updated with any blog posts from the real estate web design company itself (they would have to do it), their co-listings are not showing up either – which is typical with any real estate web design company as the IDX or RETS systems do not support co-listings for agents that are not the main agent listed. With WordPress I make sure  ALL listings including the co-listings are showcased. I have another one in Louisiana that paid just under $1,500 (and has monthly fees) but again they have had to provide the blog posts, tags, images, listings, etc.

If you are looking to compare, then I suggest the best way (the way that most of my clients and potential clients do) is by reviewing my services against any real estate web design company or any other virtual real estate assistant. To find out how you can stand out from the rest of the crowd, take a look at your current site, compare it with other agent sites and then look over my services offered to decide if that is whats best for you.

I have a true passion for real estate.  By staying on top of the online technology, and offering out of the box thinking, marketing real estate online. I test the networking systems to find out which social media is the most efficient and effective. I’ve come across a couple articles that may help answer the concerns you have.  :)Kristine