Homemade Terracotta Seed Started

I was playing around with Terracotta clay recently & thought what could I make out of this. As I made a small round ball with the clay I thought, maybe a bowl, so I began to craft a bowl. But as I was making the bowl – watching it take shape into something else…This odd shaped, star like bowl instead. I then took a toothpick and indented the inside line all the way around. I then used my fingers & thumbs to cave in the sides a bit. The toothpick came in handy again to make little crescent moon shapes around the star bowl. Letting it dry completely for two full days, then painted on a finishing gloss. Using the crescent moon shapes on the sides for seed starters worked beautifully. For instance, I used tomato seeds for this one. Then when they grew their first green leaf, I transplanted them into the middle. When they grow bigger, I’ll transplant them to our outside tomato garden – but for now, they are an interesting piece to have in the window sill. This was a fun little project & I look forward to doing more of these (and sharing each one with you).