#Cordwood Eco Homes #GreenBuildingIdeas

Cordwood homes are Green building ideas which are unique, creative and inexpensive. Cordwood building or cordwood masonry is a term used for a natural Green building method in which cordwood or short pieces of debarked tree logs are laid up crosswise with masonry or cob mixtures to create unusual, but functional and attractive wall design.

The Green building technology uses pieces of wood and mortar mix. Wall design is typically range between 12 and 24 inches thick, and in cold areas like northern Canada walls are as much as 36 inches thick.

Cordwood eco homes are attractive for their unusual visual appeal, maximization of interior space, economy of resources, simplicity of Green building and ease of construction. Wood usually accounts for about 40 – 60% of the wall design, the remaining portion consisting of a mortar mix and insulating fill.

Cordwood eco homes feature sustainable design. This Green building technology allows to create mortgage-free, energy efficient and beautiful house designs. Build with cordwood pieces, the eco friendly homes define an interesting trend in Green building which offers a great alternative for garden houses, sheds, summer kitchens and homes and allows lots of save money.