Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For Seasoned Agents Part 5 of 7

building your online presence

These tips are specially designed for the seasoned agent who is in need of proven ideas to continue on the adventurous avenues of their real estate business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.

Social Media

~Get a social media scheduler. It’s easy when you utilize your WordPress blog! Integrate your Facebook business page, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn. Being an avid poster on social media doesn’t have to mean being glued to your computer every minute of the day. Many blog posts can be about a special announcement, property detail, and general advice which all can be scheduled in advance using scheduled blog postings.

~Network with other influencers. Influencer marketing can help you gain knowledge from successful marketers, and potentially amplify your marketing message with their built-in audiences. Start by sharing their content, developing natural conversations, and slowly build a relationship before requesting they share some of your content.

~Showcase your savvy with video. Video specials that offer your real estate knowledge, advice to buyers and sellers, or give in-depth previews of listings can deliver a major return on your marketing. Additionally, optimizing your YouTube videos can increase the SEO of your content.

~Include social follow buttons on your website/blog. You should make it more than easy for folks to find and follow your social media accounts. Whether it’s in your header, footer, or sidebar, make sure your icons are prominent on the page.

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