Have You Checked Your #LinkedInSettings Lately?…You Could Be Missing Leads

If you haven’t checked your LinkedIn settings in awhile, I highly suggest that you take 5 minutes (or less), today & check them. It’s very simply & easy to do. LinkedIn is proven to be the best way to make connections through social media. These connections can be your friends, family, local businesses, lenders, stagers, buyers, investors, sellers…

If the following settings are not properly in place you are missing out on leads.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Hover over your image on the top right
  3. Click on Privacy & Settings
  4. Select Communications | Set The Frequency of Emails
  5. Click on Messages from other members (see images below)

Notice how the very first one says “Invitations to connect” it says “Recommended” by default…it’s imperative you change that to say “Individual Email” otherwise you will not receive each and every one of your connections. By changing it to “Individual Email” you will receive an email from LinkedIn showing your new connections. Remember to click SAVE CHANGES! : )  You can then email them, invite them to join your blog, social media, etc…or have your real estate blogger do it for you.

LinkedIn Messages

The next setting to quickly change is your Notifications for the same reason I mentioned above.

Where it says “Accepted Invitations” change it from “Recommended” by default…to “Individual Email” otherwise you will not receive each and every one of your connections messages. Which means a seller could be emailing you through LinkedIn about listing their home with you & you would be missing their email entirely, or a buyer found a house or condo they want to buy from you. Perhaps it’s an investor looking for good deals in your area.

LinkedIn Notifications and Messages

Make sure your Notifications summary is set to Daily Digest Email as well – you won’t want to miss out on important updates from your connections. Plus the more you share articles with your own connections, the more they see you in their newsfeed.

It takes less than 5 minutes to update your LinkedIn settings…please do so today & don’t miss out on those awesome connections!

Take care!

: ) Kristine