Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For Seasoned Agents Part 4 of 7

A Kitchen and Living Area Get Friendly

These tips are specially designed for the seasoned agent who is in need of proven ideas to continue on the adventurous avenues of their real estate business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.


~Optimize listing pages. Optimize your listing pages with local keywords, proper address formatting, appropriately sized photos, and the necessary links.

~Dedicate blog posts or landing pages to showcase your listings in detail. A dedicated post or landing page for a listing can help you build a robust marketing campaign for a property (beyond just the listing page). Add more in-depth descriptions, photos, video, and information about the area to better pitch the property, and optimize the post with hyper-local keywords, address names, and property type keywords to attract organic traffic. Share your blog with your network as you would a regular blog post.

~Advertise listings in a dedicated newsfeed to your leads and clients.  Leverage email’s great ROI by using your newsfeed to advertise your listings to clients. Keep your message fairly brief and to-the-point, adding in alluring subject lines and headers, a few striking photos, descriptive detail, and a link to your listing or landing page for the property.

~Create detailed property documents and distribute at open houses. Don’t let interested leads walk away from your open house empty-handed. Detailed booklets describing your listing, a mockup of the floor plan, and even showing how your property stacks up against comps in the area can help leave a long-lasting impression after the open house. The cover page should hold all the details a lead would need to know, along with your contact information if they’d like to get in touch.