Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For Seasoned Agents Part 3 of 7

nurture leads

These tips are specially designed for the seasoned agent who is in need of proven ideas to continue on the adventurous avenues of their real estate business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.

Nurturing Yours Leads and Your Clients

~Connect your email or text messaging to lead capture forms. You’re busy, and often lead capture forms will be filled out when you’re on the road or in the midst of another task. Have notifications sent directly to your email or phone (whichever you’ll see immediately) so you can follow up as soon as possible.

~Streamline communications with marketing automation. Leads on a longer sales timeframe still need to be nurtured, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose sleep trying to remember to stay in touch. Use marketing automation messages to time communications they will like, and supplement your personal communications.

~Use your CRM to track clients needs. Every client will have different likes, dislikes, and must-haves. Use your CRM to track these, and develop easy search fields so you can search for and alert clients of listings and content that meet their needs.

~Share an event calendar or use an app to simplify scheduling. Tracking down the best time to show a listing can get tricky. Set up a shared calendar or mobile app where leads can see your availability and can add proposed times to make scheduling easy.