The Secret to Quieting Your Mind for Meditation

The Secret to Quieting Your Mind for Meditation

Our minds are turbulent, like the rough waves close to the shore. The more we fight against the mind, the harder meditation becomes.

When you begin a meditation practice, you’re agitated, moving—your thoughts are constantly tossed about. In an attempt to force yourself into silence, you might try to fight through the mind and the thoughts that are swirling around it. The experience can leave you feeling drowned and defeated, as silence appears an unattainable goal.

Embracing the mind in meditation is similar to finding the right wave. Attempting to quiet your mind for meditation can be like trying to fight the waves close to shore. The nature of your mind is to produce thought. Like the ocean, it has its own rhythm and flow. It should be respected, not feared or fought against.

In meditation, it’s pointless to become angry and frustrated when the mind persists with thought. It’s simply doing its job. Once you stop fighting against it and allow it to flow naturally, you can begin to step into the depths of your inner self beyond the chaos.

In practicing a mantra-based practice such as Primordial Sound Meditation, you repeat your mantra effortlessly and easily. The mantra is a tool, which occupies the mind, so you can go deeper into meditation. The mantra, in essence, is a thought that replaces other thoughts. As you repeat your mantra, you will continue to have thoughts. But if you allow them to ebb and flow, you will experience a quieter mind as time goes on. The quietness of the mind brings you clarity to see all beautiful things within yourself as you become a reflection of the absolute perfection of the whole universe.

However, there is as much beauty in activity as there is in the calmer waters. If you can learn to appreciate the mind in its turbulence, you’ll be ready to experience its silence. The turmoil of the ocean brings gifts of beautiful shells, rocks, and sea creatures. The activity of the mind, when observed from a deeper place, can bring you creativity and solutions. It all depends on where you’re situated. Are you constantly being tossed about by the rough waves? Or are you floating effortlessly and fearlessly on your boogie board? Rooted in the silence acquired through your meditation practice, you will find it easier to step back into the commotion of daily living with a new perspective. In other words, accessing inner peace is not about stopping life’s imperfections, it’s about embracing them from a new point of view.