Sharing Content on Social Media Makes A Difference…


…around the clock, even if it’s not yours.


Great marketers have a trick for building their inbound marketing strategy: They become the distributors of great content – whether it’s theirs or not. No, they don’t steal it. Rather, when sharing in places like social media, they find ways to mix in extraordinary content from other sources. This helps them build a schedule of daily automated posts with tons of helpful content. Over time you’ll build a strong fanbase that considers you a must-follow knowledge keeper.

Make it easy:

1. Find a great tools that help you collect relevant content.

2. Create posts in your favorite social media automator (WordPress works great for this: you can post to your blog, and integrate your social media sites), don’t forget to credit the sources.

3. Schedule your posts for the times of day that work best for your audience.

4. Intersperse posts of your own content into your schedule.

5. Check in to see the engagement on your posts. If you find particular content received lots of likes or clicks, you may want to consider writing about a similar topic.

6. Rinse and repeat.