Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For Seasoned Agents Part 2 of 7


These tips are specially designed for the seasoned agent who is in need of proven ideas to continue on the adventurous avenues of their real estate business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.

Website and Blog

~Write and publish content on your blog regularly, 3 to 5 times a week. Successful inbound marketing starts with consistent content creation. This enhances your search engine optimization, generates traffic, and gives real value to your clients. Consistency is crucial in blogging: You should expect to publish blog posts on your market, listings, area details, and real estate statistics, plus community living, and local events. Browse through my marketing tips for inspiration.

~Vary post types. Not every piece of content has to be a long-form piece. In fact, most readers love variety. Create a mix of written blogs, ebooks, infographics, videos, photos, lists, etc.

~Develop guides for buyers and sellers. Nearly every lead you encounter is going to have lots of questions about buying or selling, which means you’re probably answering similar questions over and over and scrambling to find resources that might help them. Create your own downloadable or printable guides you can give to leads that include lots of information about processes and expectations.

~Create useful call to action links to increase user engagement. Most people place calls to action at the end of a blog post, but you should use them in other areas of your site as well, like sidebar prompts to sign up for your newsletters, a homepage area asking folks to get in touch with you, or at the top of lead capture forms so folks can get more information on a property. Effective calls to action include enticing copy that get a user to take action on your site.

~Optimize your pages and posts with organic SEO, tags #Hashtags. There’s no way around it: If you want your pages and content to rank well on Google, you need to determine the competitive words that will generate true leads and you need to use them effectively on your website, blog & social media sites.

~Add testimonials to your homepage. Once you’ve requested testimonials from your happiest and most vocal clients, showcase them on your homepage to leverage the social proof they provide.

~Include beautiful local imagery. When it comes to building a great online experience for your website visitors, nothing does the job quite as well as local photography. Get out in & enjoy your communities & take some photos to share.

~Curate content from other sources to include on your site. Not every piece of content on your site has to be completely original. Effectively curating content from other sites, crediting the original source, and adding your own perspective makes content creation simple and quick.

~Make viral headlines. Studies show why blogs with certain phrases get shared more. Craft striking headlines using proven tactics to enhance the visibility of your posts.

~Market blog posts to your entire social network. If you publish a blog post and no one reads it, does it exist? In Google’s estimation, probably not. Make sure your blog is seen and read by the people who’ve already shown support for your business. This includes your newsletter list, friends, family, notable bloggers you have relationships with, and social media followers.

~Use analytics to drive your marketing. Whether it’s a piece of content that gets high traffic, a listing that gets high time-on-site statistics, or an influx in referrals from a particular blogger, monitor your website analytics and visitor behavior to determine where to focus your marketing.

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