Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For Seasoned Agents Part 1 of 7

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These tips are specially designed for the seasoned agent who is in need of proven ideas to continue on the adventurous avenues of their real estate business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.

Personal Branding

~Get some swag printed with your branding. Brand exposure in your area can help grow your business. Get items like calendars, pens, keychains, and notepads. Have your name, logo, and contact information printed on them to pass out to clients or at local events.

~Send a request to clients to review your services online. Online reviews have a prominent presence in search engines, have a large impact on your business’s reputation, and are a major source of lead referrals. Take control of your brand by requesting online reviews from good past clients, and make it easy for them to post in multiple places. Be sure to post them on your blog!

~Attend local events and join local meetup groups and associations. Being a force in your local community means showing up in places where you can build real face-to-face relationships. Use local groups, festivals, or meetings to grow your contact base. Be sure to post your involvement on your blog & social media networks. The more you share, the more your business will grow!

~Make sure your business information is consistent and accurate on review sites and business directories. Your business marketing potential is grounded in consistency. Did you move, change brokerages, or have a new number or domain name? Review your business information on every site to enhance brand recognition and make sure folks can get in touch with you.

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