Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For New Agents Part 4 of 7

home staging

These tips are specially designed for the new (or returning) agent who’s just getting started in the real estate field & need proven ideas to get on the successful, adventurous avenues of their business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.


~Post listing information on the main social media networks: LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter & Facebook. Listings on your website are great, but posting them to your blog is essential for an online presence & let your followers know about new featured listings by incorporating those social networks into your blog. As soon as you publish your listing article it will go not only on your blog but your social networks as well, seamlessly.

~Construct great real estate listing content. Your writing can make or break a listing’s potential. The bare minimum details won’t do the trick if you want to get the best leads and offers. Write great real estate listing content with interesting adjectives and descriptions that entice readers. As if the home itself were writing a short story to their new homeowners. For example maybe the home had some upgrades or remodels…simply rephrase it by saying: just came back from the spa & here’s what I had done. Don’t forget to include those images, tags and #Hashtags.

~Make your listings look their best. Stage properties and hire a professional photographer to capture the best angles of every room.