Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For New Agents Part 2 of 7


These tips are specially designed for the new (or returning) agent who’s just getting started in the real estate field & need proven ideas to get on the successful, adventurous avenues of their business. Click here to read all the articles related to this feature.

Website and Blog Designing

~Create a responsive website with multiple search features. I suggest utilizing Viewers want access to websites in a variety of ways (mobile is only increasing by the day), and they want to search for properties in different ways. Make sure your website is responsive so it can adapt to any device, and that there are varying ways to search so they can seek out the ideal property types for them.  Include category links to neighborhoods you know best, price searches, city searches, lifestyle searches, etc…Again, is the best platform to use and it’s free! There are of course add-ons, but the hosting and templates are all there including all the awesome features. You just need the creative specialist behind it.

~Secure a keyword-rich domain name specific to your area. Odds are users are Googling local terms to find services like yours, and not your name. Many agents make the mistake of getting a domain that showcases their name, but miss a grand SEO opportunity to get traffic by using search terms in their domain name. Learn how to create a domain name that is both branded and represents optimal keywords for your area.

~Put your contact information on every page of your website. With lead generation being one of your top priorities, your contact information shouldn’t be hidden or only on one page of your website. With WordPress you can showcase your business card on the side as a widget, so it stays there while your viewers are browsing through your site. By prominently showcasing your contact information on every page it makes it easy for leads to reach out.

~Set up squeeze pages or lead capture forms on your site for lead generation. Lead capture forms are great ways to secure lead information so you can take communication into your hands. Set up squeeze pages after someone clicks on a property advertisement, or perhaps before someone gets all the information about a property on your site. Additionally, you should also have optional lead capture forms on each website page for leads interested in getting more information. Forms should ask for name, phone number, email, and have an area where someone can pose a question.

~Add social sharing buttons to your site. Social sharing is a huge part of generating referral traffic and building brand recognition online. This process should be easy for your website visitors so anyone can click them and share your content quickly with minimal effort. All themes carry these as standard, or you can opt to install a plugin for your site.