Proven #RealEstateMarketing Ideas For New Agents Part 1 of 7

new agents

These tips are specially designed for the new (or returning) agent who’s just getting started in the real estate field & need proven ideas to get on the successful, adventurous avenues of their business.

Create Your Branding
~Develop a strong real estate agent bio & add it to your contact/about page. When buyers & sellers find your brand online, they should be able to get a strong sense of your professional qualifications and personality. Craft a real estate bio that viewers will love, detailing your experiences, value, and interests, and put it prominently on your website. Some agents have it on the homepage side bar with their photo, others place it in their contact/about page.

~Get a professional photo taken. You are your brand, so your personal photograph should exude a friendly demeanor and elevate your brand with a professional look. Hire a professional photographer who can provide tips on positioning, and who can make sure the final product is crisp and presentable in a variety of formats. If you’re on a budget, you can easily take one on your own that looks professional. Many agents take photos themselves & they come out just as great as those taken by professionals – you just have to have the right touch.

~Define your brand identity & marketing plan. This is a to-do that will help you plan the other tips on this list. Spending just a bit of time to understand and define your brand, as well as develop a business and marketing plan that helps you set and track goals, will allow you to plan out exactly what marketing strategies to prioritize.

~Develop a value. If you want to be a successful agent, you should not only have unique characteristics that set you apart from the competition, but you should be able to define what those unique features mean to your clients, leads, and community. A short value proposition should exhibit your value and strengths as an agent. This statement will be reused in your marketing materials again and again. Like your motto.

~Create a schedule to make website updates at least 3 to 5 times a week. Your website is the main portal to your brand. If a lead sees the same information on your blog or homepage constantly, they’re apt to think you have limited value to provide them. Make sure you’re constantly refreshing featured listings and adding new content for readers.