#FindYourNiche For Better Targeted Marketing

Quick Tips

If you’re trying to be an expert in every housing area, you may actually be doing yourself a disservice. By finding a specialty or niche, you’re able to focus your marketing and expertise on one area, becoming a strong go-to agent in a corner of the market, rather than spreading yourself too thin. In a recent look at successful agents, all focused on a strong niche they could master. Doing so means not only will you know all there is to know about a specific housing type, community, or age group, you will also spend your marketing resources wisely — creating more relevant blog posts to generate the kind of traffic that will convert into clients, spending money on PPC campaigns that will appear for your desired leads’ search terms, and understanding the typical buyer’s journey so you can refine your nurturing down to a science. Start with these steps:

  • Think about your current lead and client base. What are the common characteristics that bind them together? Which have been your most successful clients and properties? Refine your niche marketing down to location, home type, residential style, age group, or buyer or seller type.
  • Consider your market. If you’re planning to stay in your current area, look at real estate statistics and data to figure out the demand for particular niches. If you’re experienced in selling detached single-families, but their availability is waning and condos are taking over, you may need to reframe your niche.
  • Rewrite your buyer personas and begin to build a hyper-targeted marketing strategy so you can attract those leads.