Benefits of A #GreenRealEstateBlog


Everyone is going green & living a more sustainable lifestyle in one way or another. From building eco-friendly homes to healthy eating. But what about your real estate blog?…

By producing a green real estate blog it will become enduring, unfading, constant and endless for all viewers. Intriguing blog posts of your local real estate & neighborhood information will become eternal and indestructible with unique & organic blogging, out ranking paid ads & competitors. Bring your powerful knowledge to sellers, buyers investors so they can make a responsible, sustainable decision for themselves & generations to come.

When building & maintaining a timeless blog, be sure to include a treasure trove of unique findings. Not just listings, developments, sales or open houses, but positive, important & valuable, local event community information too. Such as maybe your farmers market, favorite park, beach or lake. Entice your viewers & allow the unknown homeowner that they have found their hidden gem – bring them the inside scoop they’ve been looking for.

And of course talk about green living in your neighborhoods! Dedicate a category to each neighborhood you cover & post updates about what they are doing to increase their green living environments. Within those posts include links to homes available in those neighborhoods & feature green homes as well.

For the agent who is always on the move, this is time consuming. I provide solutions with empowering real estate marketing essentials. Together we’ll grow your Green Real Estate Blog.