Tip of The Month: Increase Your #LinkedInCommunications

LI Communication

Hey Everyone!

Hope ya’ll had a marvelous Monday! : ) Now that it’s winding down, let’s sip some calming tea & rejuvenate after another magical progressive day. I’ve been hearing this week is off to a great start for most of you. Congrats on all the new sales & listings! : )  With this post I’m hoping I can help you gain more.

This tip is all about making sure your LinkedIn communication settings are connected accurately. Below are the steps to ensure your personal settings are incorporated properly, especially, when and how you receive emails from contacts. Whether they are 1st, 2nd or 3rd connections or even new ones. You could be missing out on referrals, leads for sales, listings and much more such as marketing tips or mortgage lenders that have recently acquired a client that needs your services in finding a home. Perhaps a bakery owner needs a larger space, etc…Here are the 5 simple steps to check your settings.

1. Login in to your LinkedIn

2. Go to manage your privacy and settings

3. Click on communications

4. Under emails & notifications click on set the frequency of emails

5. Click on the pencil to edit messages from other members and on messages from connections be sure it’s set to individual email…

Also, check through that section and make sure you’re receiving other emails appropriately as well.

Have a great evening everyone!

: ) Kristine