Top #RealEstateTrends2015

Drones, more loans, apps for phones: What will be the “it” trends to watch for and follow this year?…

What gadgets or offerings will help you with everything from simplifying day-to-day tasks to growing your business? No one can predict the future, but nothing comes completely out of left field — taking a quick look behind can sometimes give you a good idea of what’s ahead.

Here are the top real estate trends to watch in 2015:

Emerging & Improving Technologies

If you think you’ve got the video thing down and want to get fancy, 3D scanning cameras will take your digital home tours to a whole new level. Instead of being limited to only turning left or right, 3D scans let you see left, right, up and down as if you were there, walking through the home. Drones have been in the sky for years, and not just for military applications. The FAA is currently hashing out the rules for using drones commercially — who can use them, and when, where and how they can be used — but many real estate agents already use drones for elevated photography. Anticipate new or updated real estate apps that will further streamline tasks for you, such as to-do checklists, media editing and sharing, data storing, and communications. Online marketing will continue to dominate as a growing trend. Content marketing will be huge, so 2015 will be a good time to start a blog and add videos to your blog & social media networks.

Generational Influencers: Baby Boomers & Millennials

Millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 are poised to become the next wave of home buyers. In a recent study, 36% of these young renters surveyed said they expected to purchase a home within the next year. Many of the millennials’ parents, the baby boomers, are staying in the workforce longer instead of retiring. The trend among the leading edge — boomers in their late 60s and early 70s who are retiring — is to move into town centers, where there are walkable amenities and more health care facilities, rather than to golf courses and senior living properties. Multigenerational households have also started to emerge in a big way. Expect to see increasing new construction of homes that support this arrangement, and more real estate agents calling out multigenerational marketing as a particular focus of their business.