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The Switch That Made the Biggest Difference

More than anything, the switch to a more personal website really helps conversions.  Though sellers want a good price, they are generally more concerned with finding someone to sell to that they don’t have to worry will take advantage of them. Basically, they just want someone they can trust. Many motivated sellers (and many people in general) don’t really know much about real estate and the buying and selling process.

A way to understand how they might feel is to consider taking your car in to have some work done on it and not knowing the first thing about how the mechanics of the car work. You are pretty much at their mercy. They could tell you the flux-capacitor needs to be recharged with 22 gigawatts of energy, and that’s going to cost you a fortune.

Determine what would make you feel comfortable with a mechanic and translate that to real estate so that you understand what would probably make motivated sellers feel comfortable with you…be genuinely nice.

Your website/blog/social media sites should all be personable, exciting, have fresh content that make your community & others want to follow and visit your sites frequently.

Just having a website gives you instant credibility. A clean and well-designed website lends itself to making its owner more believable.

You’ve got to think that the seller of a house needs to believe you will be able to buy their house. They need someone who can come up with a good deal of money.