Why People Love #RanchHomes

Like hemlines, housing styles come and go, but no vernacular may prove this more than the American-born-and-bred ranch-style house, also referred to as a rambler in some parts of the country.

Dating back to the 1920s but associated more with housing for burgeoning suburbs after World War II, the one-level, ranch-style home is now becoming the “it” girl for a variety of reasons.

Its original appeal stemmed from being quick to build and affordable to buy as home owners gravitated to the suburbs to raise families. Though it became associated with tract housing after the planned community of Levittown was built on New York’s Long Island in the late 1940s, it also had a more highbrow connection with Frank Lloyd Wright’s earlier, low-lying, long Prairie-style homes that blended into their settings.

Widely popular in the 1950s, ranch-style homes are making a comeback among Baby Boomers, first-time buyers, and many in between. Help buyers understand the pros and cons to determine if this type of home is right for them.