Increase #SocialMediaShares

7 ways to increase your blogs social media shares


Are your blog posts irresistibly sharable?…Do you want more people sharing your content, including your listings across your social network?…

Blog posts are the hub of your social media presence.

In this article you’ll discover how to use your blog to improve social media shares on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

#1: Integrate Blog and Social Media Comments

Many of us real estate bloggers are discovering something interesting: When we update Facebook with a link to a new blog article, fans are leaving comments on the Facebook update instead of the blog.

If this is happening to you, take advantage of it. Simply replace your existing blog comment system with Facebook comments.

In other words, when someone comments on an article via your blog, the comment shows up on Facebook. When someone comments on your Facebook update linking to your post, the comment shows up on your blog.

#2: Add Social Sharing Buttons

Readers like things to be easy. If you make it easy for them to share, they’re more likely to do it.

To that end, social sharing buttons are the basis of integrating social media into your blog.

The best social media networks for the real estate industry are Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook.

#3: Link, Quote or Interview Experts

Linking to a high-quality resource, quoting an influencer in your niche or even interviewing other bloggers and experts are ways to increase your credibility and your social media mentions.

The truth is that those you mention in your blog posts are likely to share with their own networks. I have a LinkedIn Real Estate Group and I enjoy quoting and sharing my members posts.

Quote experts or fellow bloggers in a post, and they will likely share it on all of their social networks. It’s a good way to reach new audiences.

#4: Trade Valuable Content for Shares

Many websites offer free resources to readers who sign up for an email subscription. Why not do the same for your blog content? If you have popular posts with consistent traffic, “lock” them and ask readers for a share before they can access the content.

While this is an effective strategy, it’s a little counterintuitive because it requires people to share an article before they’ve read it. To alleviate this, don’t lock up the entire article. Instead, reveal a strong introduction that entices the reader to share to continue. Readers can unlock it by liking, tweeting or pinning that article or by giving it a +1. Restricting access to valuable content can lead to a lot of social activity.

If you need to add content to your blog, all my blog posts are free to any of you who wish to share them across your networks as well – simply click the “follow” button.

#5: Include Attractive Images

These days it’s all about the images. Every social media network from Facebook to Google+ and Twitter emphasizes visual content. That means each one of your blog posts should have an image that inspires your readers enough to share it.

What makes an attractive image? Something that’s clean, professional and includes text that explains what your post is about. Remember that people share content that reflects well on them.

Make your images positive, inspirational and educational.

#6: Create Prepopulated Tweets

Part of promoting your posts (and driving social media engagement) is making sure you have something worth sharing like a quick, pithy statement that adds value to your audience.

#7: Offer Extra Giveaway Entries

Do you run giveaways on your site? If so, offer extra entries to your giveaways when your entrants like, tweet or pin something on your site. It can lead to a huge social media response.

For example, if you’re trying to build a following on Twitter, ask entrants to follow you to get an entry, and then provide another entry if they tweet about the giveaway with your #Hashtag. Tools that manage these giveaways make it easy on you and effortless for your participants to complete the required actions. These tools will even randomly select your winner.