#RealEstateBlogging & #SocialMediaNetworking For #2014: Why It’s Important…

#RealEstateBlogging  #SocialMediaNetworking For #2014 Why It's Important...

Blogging increases your online presence, period.

Recently agents have been asking me how they can increase their online presence for 2014…it’s simple…start blogging. But it’s not so simple (or easy for that matter) when you just don’t have the time to post properly. It’s been proven that if you post daily you will increase your online presence. If you stop posting to your blog (and social media networks), you will drop off the search engines. The blog posts themselves should be about your real estate business & your local area. There are many other postings you can include – but keep them real estate minded.

Many other important factors must be incorporate when blogging and posting updates to your networks. Such as having uniquely placed SEO & tags. By unique, I mean organic. Keep them local, within the areas you cover. This also helps bump out your paid competitors on search engines. Everyone’s heard of #Hashtags…there’s a big secret about them that I’ve shared with you before. When you place #Hashtags in as part of your SEO & tags this also increases your online presence. Have you ever Googled yourself, of course, many of you have. But have you ever #Hashtag Googled yourself?….big difference! The beneficial part of this is behind mixing in your blog posts with your social media networks. When you are on let’s say, Twitter, you find things by #Hashtags…guess what – it works the same with Google searches! Facebook, LinkedIn & many other social media networks have this as well. When you create a blog post, have one or two #Hashtags as part of the title, it does help in many ways. This allows searching for homes in your area for sale or finding out about local real estate in your area easier for those looking – whether they are buyers or sellers.

Did you know…
When you create a post (using WordPress for example), you can have that post scheduled to go out across your social media networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google+ are the top ones). When you do that your blog post title is that social media network title as well…so you don’t have to worry about the #Hashtags – because you’ve already got them in place in that title!
Getting a blog started is fairly easy to do, except most agents are simply too busy to maintain it and keep it active on a daily basis in order to keep climbing the search engines. A few years ago I created the Essential Real Estate Package designed just for real estate agents. If you are an agent who would like your blog and social media networks maintained please contact me today & we can get started just in time for the new year!
Let’s quickly re-cap just a few reasons why it’s important…1) increases your online presence 2) bumps out your paid competitors 3) gain more readers/followers 4) shows your community that you are up to date with the latest marketing & 5) generate true leads! There are many other reasons as well, these are just a few of the main ones.
Happy Holidays!