What’s In and What’s Out — Financially — This Year?

What’s In and What’s Out — Financially — This Year

In: Credit cards

Out: Cash

Granted, some Americans are beginning to use cash instead of credit, but most of us are still relying on plastic. Balances and delinquency rates are up (90 days past due), and this trend is expected to continue this year, according to a forecast by credit reporting agency TransUnion. Why? In part because credit has loosened, and risky borrowers are getting cards.

In: Contract/freelance work

Out: Full-time employment

According to some labor experts, the number of U.S. workers who are “contingent” (meaning they work as freelancers/contractors, take on projects, etc.) is currently at about 30 percent, and this number is expected to rise. Companies have grown accustomed to the flexibility, and you’re paying the price: no job security, no benefits, nah dah.

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