4 Essential Reasons Why Real Estate Blogging Is A Must Do

1)      Increase traffic to your website:

Post daily to your blog with links back to your website and share the posts across your social  media networks. Your connections will love to read your updates and see the fresh content with images. This also boosts your online presence as well, when adding in properly placed SEO & tags.

2)      Sellers and buyers will notice you more over any other agent:

The more blog posts you have with organic tags, the more times you will show up in search engines, in turn – the more you are proving to be your areas #1 local expert.

3)      Show that you are your areas real estate specialist:

If you don’t provide the content – someone else will. Fresh content and images daily – not just about real estate – but about your area, the neighborhoods you cover or even content about your niche market such as a certain condo building, are very beneficial to readers.

4)      Don’t fall off the search engines:

One ActiveRain agent member found out the hard way “it caused a serious drop off in Google page placement for my preferred search terms” Read about his experience & why he feels it’s so important to post daily to your website, blog & social media networks.

I believe that in every area, in every city, there should be an expert Realtor. Sellers, buyers, renters, neighbors, etc…all need someone to turn to for their real estate concerns…who better to serve their community than you!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many successful agents for nearly 20 years now. They’ve utilized the unique, beneficial packages I create personally, such as the Essential Real Estate Package and have watched their website, blog and social media online presence increase dramatically.

You will fall off search engines if you stop posting, in turn sellers and buyers will go to another agent. Most importantly you are providing your community with knowledgeable information about your area. If you want increase your online presence, take a moment and review my Essential Real Estate Package