Social Media Marketing…

Are you utilizing your social media networks properly and effectively to their fullest extent?…most are not. I highly recommend LinkedIn & Google+ over any other social media sites – for many reasons. Here’s why…

You can upload as many contacts as you like on both social media networks. On LinkedIn when you have reached your limit – you can request an increase to the limit.

You can add links directly to your website or blog posting which load automatic images.

You can easily connect with unlimited resources around the world increasing your chances with potential sellers, buyers and other Realtors using their advanced search capabilities.

Create a LinkedIn group and utilize that as an email campaign host. Post several updates (they can be from your website), into the group, once a week your contacts will receive those updates.

Google+ has built in SEO. When someone +1’s a post it helps crawl up the search engines and their connections see your updates.

Google+ also allows you to upload all your contacts. If some of your contacts don’t have a Google+ account, no problem! Your posts/updates are emailed to them, just be sure to click the box that says “email” to those that don’t have one.