What is an Expert Lifestyle Realtor?…

By being an Expert Lifestyle Realtor you are the “Go-To”, “#1” agent for your vicinity. We all know the power of the internet and the great avenues of real estate it brings to the public. I specialize in marketing agents whose real estate goal is becoming their areas Expert Lifestyle Realtor. You will be the one whose website content, blog and social media network updates come up the most in search engines, as you will have the latest news posted. Daily posts and updates that include tags and images are keys in reaching this goal.

Here are some of the steps to take. If you need a marketing specialist to help you achieve becoming your areas Expert Lifestyle Realtor, contact me today.

#1 Create a unique, branded WordPress website/blog dedicated to your niche market. One of the beneficial features about using Wordpress is, it’s basically free – you pay only for your domain name (under $20 a year). No worries about hosting services, WordPress already has that covered.
#2 Load your website up on all the must-have’s for interacting with the public
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
-Tags on every post
-Images (named & tagged)
-QR Coding (for the Smart Phones)
-Social Media Network Links & Logos (the best for the real estate industry are: Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain & Instagram)
-Neighborhood images (that you’ve taken personally or have rights to use)
-Market updates
-Sections on your niche (neighborhoods, featured listings, community info, etc.)
#3 Create daily blog posts that will be posted to your WordPress site, your blog & your social media networks, include images.
Tip: Posts & updates should include: market updates/trends, your new listings or new sales, new on market listings, local events, attractions, open houses, and much more.
#4 Share interesting real estate articles, tips, how-to’s and more, on your branded social media networks.
Tip: You should be posting to your blog & have social media updates at least 3 – 5x’s a week or you will fall off the search engines.
#5 Market thru Canada & Asia – you can do this by connecting with folks on social media (LinkedIn is the best for these markets, you can connect with several investors this way.)
#6 Create & schedule weekly group email campaigns. LinkedIn works great for this & it’s free! You don’t have to pay into those email campaign companies. Google+ also works great for sharing your updates, be sure to select the circles of your choice and include “email those that don’t have an account.” Send monthly email campaigns via MailChimp (it’s free too, and offers great templates and tracking!)
#7 Have a personalized marketing letter or postcard & send it out to those expired listings – include links to your social media networks, blog & website. Invite them to your networks! Don’t forget the QR code.
#8 Create unique, Interactive Article Flyers, a great way to show off your listings. They offer exclusive information a potential buyer would want to review before viewing the home, including WalkScores & Yelp neighborhood reviews.
#9 Syndicate & maintain your listings on the popular sites such as: Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia & many more. Postlets works great for this.

These are just some steps in becoming your areas Expert Lifestyle Realtor. Remember the road to success in reaching this goal is maintaining the daily posts and social media updates. You will fall off search engines if you stop posting daily updates. Not many agents can, nor should they. Agents are wanted and needed more out in the field then in the office. You can have a unique, niche real estate branded website, social media & become your areas Expert Lifestyle Realtor – for less than you think! You can be frugal with your marketing, while being the heart of your areas real estate. Pump your knowledge through a Branded WordPress site & Social Media Networks – watch your business increase!

Most important tip: #10 Attend local events, such as home and garden shows, get involved with a local organization, mingle with your neighbors and be your areas Exclusive Lifestyle Realtor.

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